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Photography is a big hobby of me. I take a lot of photos and have, meanwhile, thousands of slides and innumerable photos. With regard to the quality, I can only say that, generally speaking, the photos were very well received at the exhibitions where they were exhibited.
I now exhibit my photos on the World Wide Web and will frequently place photos I have taken, on this homepage.

Naturally, I cannot show all my photos (which are also in JPG format) as it would take up too much room on the providerís server. For anyone visiting the site it would also be very tiring. Therefore I will show you a selection of my best photos on this web site.

These photos may only be used for private purposes. Should you wish to use the photos for any other purpose, such as in non-commercial or commercial publications, on paper or as an electronic publication, then you have to request my permission

On this website you can see the photos which I have taken on my various travels. They are classified according to country and theme.

Photos per country:

Photo's per theme:


  • Before the "internet" era I had a number of exhibitions, two of which were held in galleries. 
  • On the photo exhibition page you can read more about my exhibitions of photos and sculptures at the Horizon College from November 1999 through 22 December 1999.
  • On 7 June 2002, I contributed a number of photos to the photo exhibition "A Century of Rope", organised to celebrate the centenary of the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association, the NKBV. This took place at the Dutch Sports Museum, the Olympion in Lelystad.

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